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This is a get tool/gadget to help you transfer fuel from one tank to another.

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Flip Fuel - Quest Outdoors $35

The Flip Fuel allows you to transfer fuel from partially filled canisters to a single one, ensuring you head out with a full supply every time. This not only maximizes fuel efficiency but also significantly reduces waste. During a recent multi-day trek, the Flip Fuel proved invaluable. It was a relief to consolidate fuel from nearly empty canisters into one, thereby lightening my load and reducing the clutter in my pack. The process was straightforward and safe, a crucial consideration when handling flammable substances in the wilderness.

What truly sets Flip Fuel apart is its commitment to environmental stewardship. By enabling hikers to use up every last bit of fuel, it reduces the number of canisters that end up in landfills. The device is compatible with a wide range of isobutane fuel canisters, making it a versatile tool for various stove types. This compatibility, combined with its ease of use and effectiveness, makes Flip Fuel an essential item for any environmentally conscious outdoor enthusiast. Its lightweight and compact design mean it takes up minimal space, a significant advantage on longer treks. FlipCo has not only delivered a practical solution to a common problem but has also taken a step forward in promoting sustainable practices in the outdoor community.

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FlipFuel® is a device that transfers leftover fuel from one partially filled canister to another. Use FlipFuel® to consolidate fuel into one canister so that you can carry a full canister and recycle the empties.

What does this work with? The fuel transfer device supports isobutane fuel canisters.

An Ingenious Solution for Efficient Fuel Management

The FlipFuel® device from represents a simple yet revolutionary step in outdoor gear, especially for those who frequently use isobutane fuel canisters. It’s a game-changer for campers, hikers, and anyone relying on portable stoves for cooking or heating in the outdoors.

Ease of Use: The device itself is straightforward to operate. It serves as a bridge between two isobutane fuel canisters, allowing you to transfer the remaining fuel from a partially filled canister to another. The process is as simple as attaching each end of the FlipFuel® to the respective canisters and letting gravity do the rest. This straightforward mechanism makes it accessible even for beginners in outdoor adventures.

Environmental and Economic Benefits: One of the most compelling aspects of FlipFuel® is its contribution to reducing waste. By enabling users to consolidate fuel into one canister, it minimizes the number of partially used canisters that might otherwise be discarded. This not only helps in reducing waste but also in saving money by maximizing the use of every canister purchased.

Practicality for Outdoor Enthusiasts: For those who spend a lot of time outdoors, carrying multiple partially filled fuel canisters can be cumbersome and inefficient. FlipFuel® solves this problem by ensuring you can carry just one full canister, lightening your load and making fuel management more straightforward. This is particularly beneficial for long hiking trips, camping expeditions, or any outdoor activity where space and weight are crucial considerations.

Who Can Benefit: The device is ideal for frequent campers, hikers, and mountaineers who use portable stoves. It’s also a valuable tool for outdoor guides and educators, who often deal with group logistics and need to manage resources efficiently. Environmental enthusiasts will appreciate its waste-reducing capabilities, aligning with sustainable outdoor practices.

Safety and Compatibility: While the FlipFuel® is specifically designed for isobutane fuel canisters, users should always follow safety guidelines when handling flammable substances. Ensuring proper attachment and usage in a well-ventilated area away from ignition sources is crucial.

Final Verdict: The FlipFuel device is a must-have for anyone who regularly uses isobutane canisters for cooking or heating outdoors. It’s not just a tool for transferring fuel; it’s an investment in efficiency, environmental responsibility, and convenience. This innovative product significantly enhances the outdoor experience by simplifying fuel management, saving money, and promoting sustainability.


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