Prepper Deals
Prepper Deals + Wouxun KG-935G Plus GMRS Two Way Radio

Comms & Nav

  • Communication Basics
    • Importance of Communication in Crises
    • Different Modes of Communication
  • Radios & Scanners
    • Introduction to HAM, CB, FRS, and GMRS Radios
    • Recommended Models & Setups
    • Obtaining Licenses and Training
  • Signal Boosters & Satphones
    • Enhancing Cellular Signals in Remote Areas
    • Using Satellite Phones for Global Reach
  • Navigation Tools
    • Traditional Navigation: Maps and Compasses
    • Modern Navigation: GPS Devices and Apps
    • Best Practices for Safe Navigation
  • Emergency Signaling
    • Using Flares, Whistles, and Mirrors
    • Electronic Signaling Devices

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