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ITEHIL Portable Water Filtration System

$229.00 ITEHIL Portable Water Filtration System

3 Step  Powerful Filtration:

  • 1st: Coarse filtrationltration
  • 2nd: Mixed filter filtration
  • 3rd: Reverse Osmosis membrane filtrationbrane filtration

The water inlet is filtered by two layers of ultra-core membranes, and particulate matter such as sand and dust is discharged through the waste water outlet, and then harmful substances  such as bacteria are filtered through the RO membrane to obtain pure water.


TDS Tested and Certified

The filter pores of RO membranes are nano-scale (0.1 nanometers) smaller than ordinary filter membranes (10-100 nanometers), and most viruses are 10-300 nanometers in diameter, so ITEHIL can truly filter more than 99.999% of viruses.

The TDS value is often used to verify the purification effect of the water purifier. In the process of checking the quality of the water purifier, the higher the TDS value, the greater the concentration of harmful heavy metal ions in the water. The TDS value of the water purified by the ITEHIL water purifier reaches the US drinking water standard between 0-50.

Portable Design

 Portable Design make Purify water more convenient,if you want to enjoy the rare scenery in the world anytime, anywhere, you can use the ITEHIL water filter.

ITEHIL Portable Self Pump Water Filter System, Activated Carbon & Reverse Osmosis Membranes Water
  • Portable design,use it anywhere、anytime
  • Built-in 2*6000mah battery,USB or Type-C charging
  • Self priming pump,faster filtration efficiency
  • Double Activated Carbon & Reverse Osmosis Membranes can remove Bacteria、Viruses、Parasite、Heavy Meta、Pesticide、Polyvinyl Chloride、PFAS、and more...

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